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valentine,i want to feel your hips pressed agianst mine

watched requiem for a dream last night cause aaron told me to watch it cause he loves it & wow that movie is crazy,but it was really good too.

today is my mothers stupid jewlery party.. at my house(she sells jewlery like how people sell tupperware).i hate it cause she wants me to get all involved & dress up and wear some of the jewlery.NO.not going to happen.actually today im going to make my hair EXTRA crazy just to piss her off cause i hate her.

but hopefully i'll be able to sneek out around six & go see aaron.


i also watched crank yankers yesterday cause i love that show and it makes me laugh like no other.its so great that i taped most of it.

my grandma told me that shes gonna make me go to counseling cause "im always acting mad & angry at everyone".hmmm observant are we?

mae is going to be at the warped tour.

that is all kids.
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you should go back to bed. sleep gets me out of almost everything that I don't want to do.

crank yankers is the greatest. of course, i always forget when it comes on. ugh.

my friend craigory is obsessed with Requiem for a Dream. Him and my buddy David-Michael agree that one should watch it when they're really happy.

i haven't had the privelge of seeing it yet.

::making you smile::
+I'm so happy that I go to the Warped Tour every year. Me&Mae!!!!


February 15 2004, 13:09:44 UTC 14 years ago

Hey way to not include me in the watching of the movie, even though I desperately wanted to. Oh well, At The Drive-In sucks.



February 15 2004, 13:19:43 UTC 14 years ago

wOOt wOOt requiem rox my sox. - aaron
requiem for a dream is a good movie



February 16 2004, 13:31:26 UTC 14 years ago

bulletproof-- good song

reqiuem-- good movie

i want to read the book.
& who is this?